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We purposely bred our purebred male Husky to our purebred female Akita for several reasons:

First, we thought they would be beautiful puppies and dogs - They are!

Second, the purebred Akitas have a high rate of inherited diseases.  You wouldn't believe all the emails I get from people talking about how their purebred Akita had health problems before it died or had to be euthanized.

Third, Huskies like to run off on their own, whereas Akitas are homebodies and are very protective of their owners.  

We are highly confident we got the best of both breeds. 

Lastly, it is our belief that papers in this instance are useless; both parents have papers and they mean nothing to us - we want dogs that are both beautiful and have the traits we want.

Lotus and Jack have had 4 litters so far and from the beginning we were overwhelmed with requests for these puppies.  We are looking for a several new litters of Huskitas around the end of 2009.

We offer a 100%  money back guarantee for any genetic or congenital health issues in the first 2 years.   We are quite confident that none of these pups would come back for these reasons.

If you are considering this mixed breed, or purebred Akitas or Siberian Huskies, please educate yourself on the characteristics of these breeds.  Can you live with the shedding?  Can you deal with the same sex aggression that Akitas are known for?

It is also our hope that if you are considering one of these mixed breed puppies that you also check out your local shelters and look into adopting, and possibly saving a dog's life!

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