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(Updated 3-10-15)
(The below statements still stand, except that light at the end of the tunnel is maybe farther away than previously thought)
(Again, I humbly ask those that have tried to contact me to please try again if you are still interested in one of these beautiful puppies.  I'm sorry.)
* I want to apologize to all who have tried to contact me in the last year.  To put it bluntly  - I have had the worst year of my life, and I almost completely closed myself off to the outside world, not only puppy buyers but family and friends also.  I can only imagine what some of you must have thought of me when your attempts to contact me went unanswered.  I am truly sorry, and I hope I am seeing "The light at the end of the tunnel".


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All puppies pictured above and below are available now.



We are a small home-based breeder of both Huskitas (Akita/Siberian Husky mixed puppies)
AKC Akitas

We believe we produce the best and most extraordinary Huskitas, bar none.  I'm sorry if this sounds like boasting, and I certainly can't take all the credit.  We have been lucky to have breeding stock with great potential, and we are always striving to make the next litter more spectacular than the last.  So, if you are looking for the ultimate in this mix, you have come to the right place.

I have raised animals all my life.  You name it and I've probably had one, from cats and kittens to 16+ foot pythons, and almost everything in between.

I was a former trainer of service dogs for the handicapped.

A few years back we were given a female Akita that was having problems where she was at (female aggression with another female dog).  She, Lotus, immediately fit into our family (children, cats, ducks, peacocks, geese, chickens).  We shortly found that Lotus was very easy going and could be left to roam our property and home at her leisure.  In fact she seemed to know where our property ended better than we did.  We loved her from the start.

Shortly thereafter we we aquired Jack, a purebred male Siberian Husky that the former owner (a young boy) could not really handle.  Jack was chained in a small yard in town.  I took him, and of course fell in love with him also.  We attempted to leave Jack roam our property as we had done with Lotus, but if you turned your attention away from him for 2 minutes he'd be gone.  At first it was for days, and a couple of times we found him living with other people who wanted to keep him, then his excursions became shorter.  If he gets the chance now, he's gone for about an hour or two.  But he's the sweetest dog you'd ever want to meet, unless you're a bird of any kind.

Very shortly after acquiring these two dogs I came to the conclusion that I would like an Akita with Jack's ice blue eyes, less roaming tendencies, and more guarding attributes, so I bred the two and got what I wanted.  I also found that others wanted puppies with these combined traits.  I was overwhelmed with requests for these puppies.

I only found out later that I was what some people call a "Back Yard Breeder" (BYB) and the scum of the earth.  It seems that some people believe that the only dogs that should be bred are those with papers and of course purebred: I like to call them "Purebred Nazis".  And these people believe that the only place someone should get a puppy from is a shelter or show breeder.  I can agree that someone considering a new family pet should check shelters and try to save a puppy or a dog from a sad life or possible euthanasia, but there is also a place for someone who breeds puppies, as long as they are committed to never letting any puppy or dog they have produced ever end up in a bad situation or a shelter.  I would take any puppy or dog I produce back at any point in their lives.  As for the show breeders, they too have a place, but the majority of people searching for a pet are not planning on showing them -- They just want a beautiful, loving family member to share their lives with.  That, I believe, is where I come in.

Since then I have found that for the most part I am attracted (OK, addicted, to Akitas).  I just love almost everything about them.  They are so loyal, protective, and regal.  This is not to say there are no down sides to owning an Akita because there are several.  I had heard that Akitas would not stand being around another dog of the same sex, but I thought as a fairly skilled trainer I could just train this behavior out of them.  I've since learned that this is not something that anyone has any control over.  You've got about as much chance of training this out of them as you have of training them to read.  It's just hard-wired into them.  It's possible that if the Akita is raised with the other dog of the same sex that there won't be any aggression, but I wouldn't count on it.  Then, there is the more minor disadvantage to owning an Akita; and that is that about twice a year they "blow their coats", which is an extreme shed.  So, if you don't like dog hair around, then find another breed.  There are also numerous inherited diseases that afflict purebred Akitas.

These purebred traits and diseases are another reason that I wanted to mix the breeds.  I am a firm believer that in general a mixed breed dog will be healthier than a purebred.  It is certainly a possibility that any of the puppies from this mix could have undesirable traits from either of the parent breeds, but this is not generally what we see in our pups.

if you are still interested, please look at our other pages.

Jack (in his element) and a couple of his grandkids

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